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Jeff J.

"I really enjoy how transparent Modern Man is listing their ingredients/sources vs some sort of "matrix". This product is great, within a few days I've really noticed a difference in my energy/effort and later the results of better muscle volume without the water weight you gain from creatine alone. No jitters either throughout the day. Will buy again!"


"Nice clean boost of energy that keeps you going and going with no crash. The focus aspect kicks in almost immediately and you get dialed in and thinking of nothing else. The pumps were great and seemed to last. A nice increase in strength was awesome as I was able to lift harder, longer at higher weight and reps! You can't go wrong here, Modern Man covered all the bases on this preworkout!"

Brandon F.

I love this stuff! I have been out of the gym for a while, due to an injury, and I started getting soft. I work in construction so I'm in decent shape, but REAL MUSCLE has got me back to being somewhat toned. It makes me push myself to go further in my trade and and get a lot more work done. It gets me amped in a good way.

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